Motivational Monday (It’s Going Up On a Tuesday)



“Wherever you are, be all there”- Jim Elliot

My theme of 2017 is “Focus”. Being all there or present in each task, and each day. Starting the New Year is an excellent time to set short-term goals and exercise goal mapping. To find focus is to begin to build a path toward your short term and long term goals. Goal mapping has been the most effective way for me to find my focus and then build focus into an intentional direction. After attending many trainings and reading heaps of literature I have found that block scheduling works best to complete tasks in a timely manner. “Multi-Tasking” is not an effective way for most to work and by block scheduling work tasks; I am able to complete one thing at a time. In turn, I am able to be present or all there for each task I am working on. #beallthere #focus #goals #goalsetting #goalmapping #direction

– Richelle

“You’re never too old to set another goal or dream another dream”- Aristotle

One of my themes for 2017 is goals, and actively reaching them.  Generally, we set goals that pertain to our quality of life.  Be a better spouse, be a better employee, lose weight, gain muscle, run a 5K, compete in a weightlifting contest, get married, start a family, buy a house, the list goes on.  An important lesson I have learned is to consistently set more goals.  In the past I found myself reaching a specific goal and then getting anxious wondering “what’s next?”  By intentionally setting new goals that will improve my quality of life, or help me to achieve things that always sat in my dream cloud, I rarely have that feeling anymore and I am more comfortable setting Big Picture goals I know I can reach with a little planning and hard work.



Please click here for more information about Block Scheduling


2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday (It’s Going Up On a Tuesday)

  1. Great idea. It leaves me wanting more as I am unfamiliar with concepts such as “block scheduling” and “goal mapping”. Maybe you could devote a day to some examples of these ideas. I think I have an idea of what each is, but examples would help.

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