Motivational Monday (they need so much attention but we love them)

“The most important leadership tool you have is your own personal example.”- John Wooden

In my job, I am continually thinking about what I can do to better lead my students.  I have many days where I need to decide if I should attend a meeting held by someone else and show my support, or sit back and let the process happen.  This week I am motivated by the thoughts of John Wooden – a coaching and leadership icon.  “The most important leadership tool you have is your own personal example.”  We hear this, at various times in our lives, “lead by example.”  We hear it in different ways but it is also important to reflect on the fact that leading by example doesn’t necessarily mean that you are participating in the exact same way as those whom you are leading, but it can simply mean showing up when they are expected to show up to show that you are with them, you have their backs, and you support them.

By: Caitlin

“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud”

While this quote originally struck me as a customer service quote, I was quickly hit with an emotional ton of bricks. I can not tell you how important my supervisors were to me during my time in college and how much emotional support they knowingly or unknowingly lent to me during undergrad and graduate school. This unwavering support had such a monumental impact on my life, that I strive to try to be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud every single day. My job is aquatics, but my calling is my student staff. While encouraging them to provide excellent customer service to our patrons, I, in turn, strive to provide them with the emotional support they need to be successful within their job here, and within their time at university. Who knows what external or internal struggles they are facing every day? All I can do is genuinely smile when I see them, ask them about their day, try to get to know them, and genuinely care about them. What are you doing to positively impact those around you? #employeesfirst #authenticself #betherainbow  #emotionalintellegence

By: Richelle


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