Motivational Monday (It’s Going up, On A Tuesday)


“The limit does not exist”- Mean Girls

By: Richelle

I love finding wisdom in the most unexpected places. Movies from the mid-2000 are an amazing source of humor and unintentional guidance. Mean Girls is my favorite resource for one-liners and teachable moments. So many parts of that movie are transferable to workplace situations and environments as well as daily life.

As we are moving into the New Year, it is important to keep our eyes on the prize. Whatever that prize is, it is important and worth fighting for. I believe that the “limit” is yourself. Whether you believe that you can or cannot; you are right. Discovering, accepting, and facing your biggest limitation is liberating.

I recently had an epiphany that I HATE struggling physically. I would always make excuses “The workout is too hard” “The movements feel off” “I’m a pool person, don’t ask me to do land stuff”. These are all limitations I put on myself and I believed. I have recognized that the limit truly does not exist.If you find yourself surrounded by or facing limitations ask “Whose limitations are these?” “Why are they here?” “Do I need these limitations?”

Set goals, smash your limitations, do work. #dowork #smashgoals #puttheAWEinAWESOME

“The  secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

We have all been there.  The new kid at school, the new coach, the employee with a new boss, the new boss or program coordinator.  And 95% of the time, at least one person says “But _______ never did it that way.”  As someone who has experienced new Graduate Assistants, a new Director, and then being the new Supervisor all in the last 2 years I cannot begin to count how many times I have heard this.  Too often we get caught up in the past, and how things used to be.  We fight so hard to keep things the way they are so that we don’t have to change.

 We forget that change is a good thing!  Change leads to improvements, exposes weaknesses we had become blind to, brings about new ideas, leads to new initiatives, and challenges us.  When you work in our field, and you have an annual or bi-annual turnover of graduate assistants you experience this regularly.  No two GA’s will do things the exact same.  They won’t require the same things from you to help them keep their programs afloat, and they won’t have the same goals and expectations.  But, being in a supervisory role, we go with it.  We mold to the needs of the student because they all come from different backgrounds with different experiences.

 When you enter a new role yourself, especially at a new place of work, it is so easy to get caught in the trap of trying to make everything the way it used to be to limit the complaints. We spend too much time fighting the past when really we should be conserving our energy and using it to implement the ideas we think will make our area better.  So I challenge you regardless of being a new student, new employee, or new boss to find one thing you want to change for the better and focus your energies there.

  1. Suggest a new system
  2. Implement a new way of collecting information
  3. Design a new program
  4. Improve your risk management
  5. Be a better overall human being to improve the morale of your group.

Whatever it may be – focus on making your place better instead of brooding over how things used to be.


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