Motivational Monday (Failure & Education)



“Failure is nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy.”-Unknown

I’ve always been told it takes a year to truly know your job. Being almost half way through my first academic year at my new job, I have started to evaluate the programs I have created, implemented, and/or changed over the last 8 months. There have been some major & minor successes as well as minor & epic failures.  These failures have not been as major as the pool lighting on fire and more than likely have not been noticed by anyone but me. One of the many reasons I love working in Campus Recreation is it affords the opportunity to truly examine yourself personally and professionally without judgment. Here are the factors I try to keep in mind when evaluating my failures:

  • What population was I intending to serve? Why didn’t I reach those people?
  • What (positive/negative) feedback did I receive?
  • Was the time/location factor? Did the price play a factor?
  • Did I have enough resources & did I use those resources properly?

Failure is the chance to try something new. The chance to launch yourself out of your comfort zone. The chance to create something truly amazing.

By: Richelle

“Education is not the learning of fact, but the training of the mind to think.”- Albert Einstein

Recently I have been thinking about the need for students to take a more active role in their learning and development.  More specifically, they seem to not use their Critical Thinking skills much at all.  I often feel that I am fighting this internal battle.  Have I provided the resources?  Have they used the resources provided? Have they exhausted all options before asking a question I have previously provided an answer to? Or, do they REALLY need my hand to guide them through?  Maybe it is more important to help guide them initially, and not shut down their pleas for help right away.  But perhaps I can serve them better by guiding them to the correct resources instead of directly answering their questions, or handing them the answer on a silver platter.  Food for thought this week!

By: Caitlin


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