Motivational Monday: Look On The Bright Side

3.21.17 pictureHappy Spring!! Yesterday was mild and sunny; the perfect first day of spring.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.”- Walt Whitman

As we talked about self-reflection last week and goals the week past, this quote brought everything full circle for me. It is so easy to get bogged down in the details. It is easy to focus on what did or didn’t happen, what you should or should not have done, and it is especially easy to focus on challenges instead of the experience. In order to combat creeping doubts and negativity I try and remember to do these things:

  • Keep my face toward the literal sunshine. When I begin to get overwhelmed by doubt or fear, I will often go for a walk and sit in the sun for a few minutes.
  • Stand in power stance for two minutes. Sometimes faking it until you make it is necessary. Your body language shapes who you are. Follow this link for Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk. 
  • Revisit your work place bucket list or goal sheet.
  • Look at my vision board. (Post coming soon)

By: Richelle

“This is a wonderful day.  I have never seen this one before.” – Maya Angelou

This is a wonderful day. I have never seen this one before.- Maya AngelouThis week is the start of my favorite season of the year.  It might be because it is my birthday season… however, I mostly just love the birth of a new season.  Changing weather, changing landscapes, and growth are all part of with Spring brings us.

As someone who has worked in the Fitness industry for 10+ years, and is in the business of personal development, personal growth is a huge part of what I do and what I am passionate about.   In both industries, people often get stuck on who they were in another part of their lives.  They get stuck on the positives, as well as the mistakes that were made in the past (even if the past is more recent, like yesterday).  What I try to get across to my students, and clients for fitness is that although things from the past may have lead to the path you are currently on, today is a new day.  It is important to realize that each day you are waking up with a chance to change your path in life.  Take yesterday for what it was, and take today and tomorrow for all they can be.

By: Caitlin


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