Motivational Monday – Age is just a number

I, Caitlin Sommers, turn 31 on Saturday!  And, I feel great about it.  I have always felt that you are only as old as you feel, and to quote one of my favorite songs from my childhood “Age is just a number, don’t you stop having fun.” – New Kids on the Block Happy Birthday.  (If you guessed the song and group before you read who it was by, bonus points.)  I was reflecting over the weekend and came up with a list of 30 things I have learned in this year since I turned 30 – another year, another chance to reflect.SERENDIPITY

  1. A child’s laughter is the greatest sound on earth – it is even more enjoyable when that child is your own.
  2. It is possible to work, make time for yourself, and still be an ever present parent.
  3. If you are confident in your abilities, other people will be too.
  4. Sometimes it isn’t the policies that need to be changed but the people implementing those policies.
  5. Practicing gratitude on a regular basis changes your perspective on the world
  6. It is possible to learn how to put snow chains on your tires without getting help from anyone.
  7. Having difficult conversations is easy if you go in with a plan, and you have all your facts straight.
  8. Struggling in an area of your job?  Ask for the opportunity to observe someone else doing it.
  10. Practice active listening
  11. I am more productive when I have a clean workspace
  12. Learn to let go of things that are no longer yours (especially when you get a new job and you still have significant ties to your old job)
  13. I really do love the rain, and it took me moving back to my roots to realize that I wasn’t just lying about it the whole time I was in a sunny place
  14. Want something?  It never hurts to ask, as long as you ask politely.
  15. I appreciate even the smallest acknowledgments of thanks.
  16. Snail mail is not dead.
  17. Some friendships were not meant to continue over time, and others only grow stronger with time and distance.
  18. I miss Stockton more than I ever thought I would.
  19. People support personal and professional growth if you show an interest.
  20. Peace, Love, NIRSA
  21. Honesty really is the best policy.  You are better off admitting your mistakes immediately then coming back 24 hours later to confess.
  22. Millenials do not all meet the Millenial stereotype
  23. We need to work to prepare our students to go out in the real world.  Teach them how to set expectations, and meet expectations or go beyond expectations.
  24. You can be a mentor without formally being asked to be one.
  25. I need to set deadlines for myself, or nothing will ever get done.
  26. Organized Chaos is a myth.
  27. Explain, Explain in writing, Explain by text, Explain online, Explain in person, and then do it all over again as many times as possible.
  28. Spring is STILL my favorite time of year.
  29. Babies and toddlers can put a smile on almost anyone’s face.
  30. I work for and with a great group of people who are incredibly understanding, flexible, and welcoming.

By: Caitlin-Age is an issue of mind over matter. if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.- -Mark Twain

Age is just a number. Since high school, I have always told myself that I am “too old” to try that or too out of shape or it was too hard. I am happy to say that I have started to overcome the mental hurdles and now am breaking through what I had previously thought was impossible. Here is my “30 by 30” List:

Richelle’s #30by30 :

  1. Do a handstand
  2. Finish LGIT Certification
  3. Run a 10k
  4. Do a pull-up
  5. Learn to pitch a tent
  6. Complete a Sprint Triathlon
  7. Learn to snatch
  8. Dead lift more than my body weight
  9. Make a sourdough starter
  10. Hike Oyster Dome
  11. Learn conversational Spanish
  12. Start a kickball league in Bellingham
  13. Learn to kip/do a kipping pull-up
  14. Cook all recipes in “Appetites: By Anthony Bourdain”
  15. Bake all recipes in “Crumb: by Ruby Tandoh”
  16. Volunteer at Crossfit Regionals
  17. Road-trip down the West Coast
  18. Vacation to Hawaii
  19. Volunteer consistently for Habitat for Humanity
  20. Compete in a swim meet
  21. Present at NIRSA Annual Conference
  22. Explore Vancouver, BC
  23. Run a sub 10-minute mile
  24. Go to New York City (first time as an adult)
  25. Buy a kayak
  26. See an Orca IRL
  27. Visit Harry Potter World
  28. See Platform 9 3/4
  29. Eat Thai food in Thailand
  30. Learn to make fruit wine

#30before30 #11082020

By: Richelle


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