Motivational Monday : Seeing Beyond the Present

“No rain, no flowers”- The weather

After four gorgeous days of sunshine, it is harder to remember why this resonated so deeply with me. The last few weeks have been a down pouring of literal and figurative rain. Factors such as the end of the school year rapidly approaching, moving this month, teaching many Red Cross classes, and preparing for my wedding have let me feeling bewildered and overwhelmed. The many moments of feeling as if I am barely keeping my head above water slowly lessened, I began to finish tasks, see the results of my hard work, and gain valuable experiences. Ultimately, I was able to recognize the figurative flowers blooming while the literal flowers broke through the misery of the dreary weather and sunshine finally appeared.

After recognizing that I was struggling, I try to focus on these steps to make sense of what is going on:No rain, no flowers (1)

  • Write everything down
  • Make a list of priorities
  • Ask for help
  • Delegate
  • Focus on ONE thing at a time
  • Write a list of the positive things that are going to happen
  • Don’t create a story, create an outcome (pity parties never help)

By: Richelle



The nicest thing about rain is that it always stops eventually.

It finally feels like summer.  After months of wintry and rainy weather, we have had the beautiful sunny weather for the past week or so.  My hope is that with summer break approaching, the same happens for the sometimes rough days that I equate to rainy days.

It often seems like you go on for days, weeks, months without anything too exhausting happens.  And then it all happens at once.  Hard days at work.  They are not always easy to deal with, and you often leave feeling exhausted.  My last two weeks have been this way!  But much like the weather, I know it will come to an end.

Some things that always help me get through those bad days and weeks:The nicest thing about rain, is thatit always stops eventually

  1. Get outside (even if it is actually raining)
  2. Sweat it out
  3. Find someone who can make you laugh
  4. Find someone who will let you vent
  5. Having established great communication with my supervisors, I can almost always chat with them about what is going on
  6. Enjoy the times this makes life hectic – sometimes I find myself bored when there is nothing on so I try to find a small amount of enjoyment in the hectic days
  7. Remind yourself it won’t last forever
  8. Make Lists – sometimes I make lists (mentally or in a journal) of some of the different ways I COULD have handled the situation
  9. Rid your muscles of the built up tension – I like to do a relaxation exercise at my desk sometimes where I contract one muscle group in my body at a time for 10-15 seconds and then release for relaxation
  10. Reflect on the last time you had a rough day or week like this… what did you do then that helped… DO THAT!

By: Caitlin


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