Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

wisdom quote 2

(Found from Mama Prayed blog)


A little slice of wisdom for this Pacific Northwest beautiful day.  


After working for a number of years in the fitness field, and seeing people constantly compare themselves to others “I want her butt,” “I want his pecs,” “I wish my abs looked like that,” I have really been able to hone in on who I am and how comfortable I am with that.  Much like it is important to embrace your body for what it is and what it has carried you through, it is important to embrace the elements of your personality as well.  Your rough patches and traumas in life have shown your grit and ability to push through.  Your friendships and relationships have shown your ability to love and be loved.  Your skill set shows what you have taken from each experience you have and how you can apply it to what you do.  Embrace your generosity, embrace your happiness, embrace the fact that you can be angry and cynical at times.  This is you, and it has shaped who and how you are, and who and what you will become.
“Be Yourself, everyone else is taken.”
– Oscar Wilde


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